The Problem of Researching

The problem with researching and looking at other sewing and craft blogs is iget really excited and my list of things to makes suddenly quadruples in size, for example


Nappy Bag Lady


I have to admit to being driven half mad by this pattern, prob cause i was getting pretty pregas by then and it was getting harder and harder to get close enough to the sewing machine . Ha ha. I’ve read that Amy Butler patterns aren’t for the faint hearted and having made a few i think on balance that’s pretty true. But they are great and so is the nappy bag. I left out the final inside pockets for water bottles as i wanted the extra pocket room that that provided. I also made an extra drawstring baggy for inside the big bag to use for extra clothes. I tend to use that alot on its own when out and about in the pram but the nappy bag comes with to parties and picnics.Image

Nappy cha cha cha changes


I wanted a portable change mat for Peppercorn that had a little more padding so i made this pink one and then improved on it and made the green one for a friend with an inside pocket.

I hadn’t used laminated fabric before so this was a learning curve. I found another great tutorial on you tube and following that (putting sticky tape on my machine foot and just under the foot) it was easy peasy. So satisfying to learn something new and work with a new type of material.

Hair and Make Up! Burb Cloths Galore

Taking advice from an online mama, i made 20 (yes!) burb cloths in case my baby turned out to be a puker. Yay for me, he was and these were excellent.

So the science goes like this:

These babies are double sided and shaped to go nicely over your shoulder. Flannelette doesn’t ┬áslip so easily off ya jamy’s. On the reverse side is a plain old white cloth nappy – nice and absorbent.

I bought four types of flannelette from Quilt Home, yum yum.

I’ve been looking for the link to the tutorial i used but i can’t find it, shame on me, will do better next time and make sure i tag it right.

Things I made for peppercorn

Last year when i found out i was preggas with my son I went into a kind of sewing mania. My grandmother and mother both taught me to sew ( i still sew on the machine my nan bought me 25 years ago) and it was the most coolest thing in the world to sew for my baby. It felt like i was suddenly a part of a long and ye olde tradition. I love ye olde traditions. Anyhoo, for my first blog posts want to document some things i made.