Amy Butler Pouf

Amy Butler Pouf

I made one in black as a gift to my boyfriend when we first started going out. He’s an architect so I made him one in black cordouroy to match..everything he owns. lol. As usual found sewing 8 pointy bits together to make a neat centre virtually impossible but it doesnt matter because that’s on the bottom and that’s the key to wearing black – you don’t see the bumpy bits on your – I mean the – bottom 😉

I filled it with polyester stuffing and was surprised at how much it took to fill it up so it was firm. I think I went back to the habby shop 3 times. At any rate it I think I finished it off with an old t-shirt. I heart recycling.

Bouyed by my first attempt I made another pouf for my friends birthday. Having recently bought a new couch she was lamenting that she didn’t have anything to put her feet on.

This time I filled it with polystyrene balls. I know I know it’s the most unenvironmental decision i could make – I agonised over it but in the end thought it’s no worse that polyester. At anyrate I wouldn’t use it again, it was waaaaaay too messy. Mama earth got her own back with choas of tiny white balls flying around the house for days.

It’s worth saying that it’s hard to buy enviro friendly filler. I did buy some buckwheat husks in the end which fit the bill for some zafu’s (a zafu is meditation cushion) I was making but I had to buy a massive bag of them and order them from half way across the country. Ha! no excuse to not have anything to meditate on now! Anyway, it came up pretty nice and her kids jump all over it and it hasn’t busted open – yay!

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