slap dash

Needle Folder

Needle Folder – slap dash but does the job

Utilising my favourite tool of all – the pinking shears my mum bought me.

Sometimes I just like throwing something together. I have needed a little needle folder forever so I got out my scrap bag and cut this out without any measuring or anything. I feel shy to post something so obviously slap dash but at the same time I like it. I don’t need everything to be perfect, I almost revel in the fact that it’s not. It’s shapes are abit wonky but it’s practical and I like the colours and the quick sticks outcome. If I try to make everything perfect I often get stuck. Anyway in the end it’s like anything I make myself – even if it turns out less than perfect I always love it a bunch more times than if I bought it. The quirks make it mine and funnily enough fill me with a tenderness towards myself and my own wonky shapes.

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