Getting stuck / Getting started again

Amy Butler Liverpool Dress - the collar

Amy Butler Liverpool Dress – the collar

In the months leading up to the birth of Baby C I made lots of things. I felt like suddenly I belonged to the great lineage of women who sew for their children. Like stepping into a wide rushing river – swoosh! I was swept away by the joy of it. I pretty much finished everything I wanted to make except for a quilt (tall order anyway- I was still working) and my Amy Butler Liverpool Dress that I thought would be perfect for breastfeeding. Unfortunately I just got too big to sit at the machine AND overwhelmed when I got to the instructions for the collar.

Now this is really silly. I’m no super seamstress but I can follow a pattern and do things like collars. But the pattern just overwhelmed me. I have rule about finishing projects before I start new ones and seeing as I’m about to embark on a really big project I need to finish this. But how to counteract overwhelm? For me i’ve figured out the best way is to lay it all out neatly, make a cup of tea and take it real slow. Break the instructions down to teeny tiny steps. If that fails then look online for tutorials. So this is my next goal: finish that dress!

As it turns out I’ve probably made it a size to large – was expecting to have more baby weight than I do at this stage. So when I’m done I’ll keep it as a reference piece which makes me feel very grown up in a sewing kind of way.

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