Action / Inertia / Micro Movements

Still no time to sew lately but am getting into my pattern making bit by bit. Had an idea that if I wrote a list of goals for every day it would help me be more focused on getting things done in the days even if that just means ticking off the fact that i got my book open to the right page and read some design notes. It’s helped not only to get me moving again (have had epic inertia due to time restraints coupled with overwhelming list of ‘want to do!’) but it’s made me much more cheerful. This is a super improvement as I don’t like myself when I’m all negative and sleep dep makes me so.

Yay for me. And for baby C he’s almost crawling.


One thought on “Action / Inertia / Micro Movements

  1. Same as me, I have not been sewing lately but more so pattern making. Tho right now I am at a stop until I see my teacher to help me get the fit done.

    The list of goals sound like a great idea.

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