Design Process

I’ve been thinking alot about the process of design lately particularly because I’m working on some of my own designs right now. I’m feeling a little chaotic about it and have identified the problem as simply being too organic in my approach of the bigger picture. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve got ideas buzzing around in my head and the ideas keep evolving and spiralling out and growing arms like an octopus. Fair’s fair, I’m still developing it but I’m starting to feel abit bonkers. The bottom line? I’m too damn freestylely and it leads to dispersion not consolidation.

Anyway, three things have happened over the last days:

I saw my friend who is branding her new business and had done her branding book thingy – it was impressive and I could see SO HELPFUL.

I had a conversation with my BF about his Architectural design process and it was enlightening (more on that in another post it’s too long for this one).

And I got a newsletter all about how being super clear about who your customer is will help you get making again when inevitably your ideas and inspiration dry up.

It all points to adopting a methodology for my creative process – something to jump off of, to fall in to and fall back on. I think this is the way of being satisfied and successful.


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