Separation Anxiety, Sleepless Nights and (no) Sewing

This week has been tricky. Actually the last couple of weeks have been. Baby C has developed separation anxiety and will NOT go in the pram, will NOT go to babysitter, will NOT be put down. Not even for a seam. And the nights aren’t going so well either…I am so bleary eyed and lacking in enthusiasm due to sleep dep things have ground to an almost halt around here.

We had family visiting the week before last (before the anxiety set in) which meant that I did finish the collar for my dress but when I went to attach it it didn’t fit properly. I fiddled with it for awhile then put it down again. I really want to finish that dress but with so little time on my hands am now thinking I should put it away for later (since I prob won’t be wearing it) and do fun things. *Sigh* The problem with that is it makes me feel defeated. So maybe i’ll just give the collar a break and go on to the sleeves when I can get back to it.

How on earth do women manage to have children and do stuff? I understand the work / life / child balancing act issue now, phew, any advice won’t go unappreciated!

OK, off to mash some banana for C to smash down. At least the burp cloths are still coming in handy.