Surprise Party Wrap Skirt

Surprise Party Wrap Skirt

Surprise Party Wrap Skirt

Myself, Kate and WIllem at the Vege Patch. Me in said skirt.

Myself, Kate and WIllem at the Vege Patch. Me in said skirt.

Another Pip Lincolne pattern from Sew La Tea Do. I love a wrap around skirt – so easy, sweet and versatile. I bought this red fabric from Duck Cloth on sale: double happiness.


Seersucker dreaming

Whoa Baby!

I love seersucker. You don’t see it around much. I found this in a secondhand store. Can you imagine my glee – 3 metres of original seersucker from the 70’s!

It was the perfect summer look for a heavily preggas lady.

Pip Lincolne’s book Sew La Tea Do has some super easy patterns of which i’ve made a few.

This is the Sunny Day Dress.

Sunny Day Dress

Classic Retro Seersucker

Classic Retro Seersucker

Getting stuck / Getting started again

Amy Butler Liverpool Dress - the collar

Amy Butler Liverpool Dress – the collar

In the months leading up to the birth of Baby C I made lots of things. I felt like suddenly I┬ábelonged to the great lineage of women who sew for their children. Like stepping into a wide rushing river – swoosh! I was swept away by the joy of it. I pretty much finished everything I wanted to make except for a quilt (tall order anyway- I was still working) and my Amy Butler Liverpool Dress that I thought would be perfect for breastfeeding. Unfortunately I just got too big to sit at the machine AND overwhelmed when I got to the instructions for the collar.

Now this is really silly. I’m no super seamstress but I can follow a pattern and do things like collars. But the pattern just overwhelmed me. I have rule about finishing projects before I start new ones and seeing as I’m about to embark on a really big project I need to finish this. But how to counteract overwhelm? For me i’ve figured out the best way is to lay it all out neatly, make a cup of tea and take it real slow. Break the instructions down to teeny tiny steps. If that fails then look online for tutorials. So this is my next goal: finish that dress!

As it turns out I’ve probably made it a size to large – was expecting to have more baby weight than I do at this stage. So when I’m done I’ll keep it as a reference piece which makes me feel very grown up in a sewing kind of way.

slap dash

Needle Folder

Needle Folder – slap dash but does the job

Utilising my favourite tool of all – the pinking shears my mum bought me.

Sometimes I just like throwing something together. I have needed a little needle folder forever so I got out my scrap bag and cut this out without any measuring or anything. I feel shy to post something so obviously slap dash but at the same time I like it. I don’t need everything to be perfect, I almost revel in the fact that it’s not. It’s shapes are abit wonky but it’s practical and I like the colours and the quick sticks outcome. If I try to make everything perfect I often get stuck. Anyway in the end it’s like anything I make myself – even if it turns out less than perfect I always love it a bunch more times than if I bought it. The quirks make it mine and funnily enough fill me with a tenderness towards myself and my own wonky shapes.

Amy Butler Pouf

Amy Butler Pouf

I made one in black as a gift to my boyfriend when we first started going out. He’s an architect so I made him one in black cordouroy to match..everything he owns. lol. As usual found sewing 8 pointy bits together to make a neat centre virtually impossible but it doesnt matter because that’s on the bottom and that’s the key to wearing black – you don’t see the bumpy bits on your – I mean the – bottom ­čśë

I filled it with polyester stuffing and was surprised at how much it took to fill it up so it was firm. I think I went back to the habby shop 3 times. At any rate it I think I finished it off with an old t-shirt. I heart recycling.

Bouyed by my first attempt I made another pouf for my friends birthday. Having recently bought a new couch she was lamenting that she didn’t have anything to put her feet on.

This time I filled it with polystyrene balls. I know I know it’s the most unenvironmental decision i could make – I agonised over it but in the end thought it’s no worse that polyester. At anyrate I wouldn’t use it again, it was waaaaaay too messy. Mama earth got her own back with choas of tiny white balls flying around the house for days.

It’s worth saying that it’s hard to buy enviro friendly filler. I did buy some buckwheat husks in the end which fit the bill for some zafu’s (a zafu is meditation cushion) I was making but I had to buy a massive bag of them and order them from half way across the country. Ha! no excuse to not have anything to meditate on now! Anyway, it came up pretty nice and her kids jump all over it and it hasn’t busted open – yay!